Jasmin Rose feat. RoxorLoops - Human | Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020 | DR1
Rockabye - Clean Bandit - By RoxorLoops & Jasmin
Beyoncé Medley - Pentatonix Cover - RoxorLoops & Friends
Sorry - Justin Bieber - By RoxorLoops & Jasmin (Beatbox & Singing)
Jasmin Rose feat. RoxorLoops - Human a cappella
Jasmin Rose feat. RoxorLoops - Human
Beatbox Remix - I Just Called To Say I Love You - (Stevie Wonder) By RoxorLoops & Jasmin
World of Yesterdays - Dopplers

Hi It's Jasmin

Jasmin Rose was born in London and raised in the beautiful Danish countryside by her English dad and Danish mum. Her love for music and performing began as a child when her parents took her to see a big musical. She listened to the cassette tape recording of the show countless times and dreamt of one day getting to sing and act on a big stage too.

Whilst growing up she joined the local musical theatre society and the local girls’ church choir which was all part of her early training as a musician and performer. She studied in prestigious musical academies in London and New York..

with much love
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